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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

hoping to be finished our story by the Spring of 2023

About Our Farm

Our aspiring bio-dynamic farm is nestled in the heart of  Upper Squamish BC, using methods from the ages and evolving methods of our time. We are creating a farm and methods that stimulate the farm's inherent fertility, and health through the integration of crops and livestock, the restoration of on-farm biodiversity, and with the mindfulness of the influential energy of the sun, moon, and planets, aligning the farm with the comic frequency.


We will strive to find a balance and diversity of crops and livestock that enables the farm to be as self-sustaining as possible. Animals are incorporated so that their manure provides adequate fertility for the crops being grown, and sufficient acreage is devoted to pasture and forage to provide for the needs of the animals. This contributes both to the ecological health of the farm and the development of a true farm “individuality” creating it to thrive as a coherent whole.


When our animal all have arrived, the farm will be using a restorative or timed grazing method, which means we will be planting a variety of grasses/cover crops, including grasses with deep roots systems that help build organic matter. This biodiversity benefits the ecosystem and ensures that all animals have a well-balanced diet. While rotationally grazing all the animals. The cattle, pigs, and chickens forage and fertilize in a symbiotic relationship that contributes to the productivity of the soil. They will be moved over the land in strategic patterns, which include periods of intense multi-species grazing followed by long periods of rest. This process enhances fertility and ensures the land is not overworked. 

We will also incorporate the use of nine preparations made from fermented manure, herbs (yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak bark, dandelion, Valerian, and horsetail) and the mineral silica. The biodynamic preparations are used as field sprays and in the making of compost to stimulate specific processes within the farm. While also paying close attention to the cosmos, the rhythms of the sun, moon, and planets charting beneficial times to prepare, mix and spray for the most optimal influential energy for the soil, plants, and animals.


Just as the moon creates the tides in our oceans, each of these celestial bodies has subtle influences on the growth and development of plants and animals. Based on Steiner’s insights and subsequent research, a number of biodynamic calendars have been developed that offer indications for optimal times for sowing, cultivating and harvesting, based on the cyclical changes in the positions of celestial bodies in relation to the earth. Astrological natal charts are not just beneficial to humans but land and animals as well. Our land and each of our animals have a natal chart so we can work symbiotically together with a unique understanding of the influential energy occurring during certain times. Creating less of a cause and effect reaction!


Biodynamics is ultimately not just a set of alternative agricultural methods but a way of seeing, understanding the natural world, and aligning us and our farm with spiritual science. 

Steiner called for and pioneered, planted a seed of a new form of science, which he called spiritual science, that could grapple with both the material and/or spiritual aspects of reality. As biodynamic farmers, we are working to develop our own sense and observe the more subtle formative forces at work in nature, and to use our own insights/ intuitive knowing to further enhance the vitality of our farm. Our Biodynamic farm will be ever-evolving, as will we!

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