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Our Farm and Us....


our farm Bio in Progress

Nutrient Dense Farm is a small scale urban and rural farm with 2 plots in the heart of beautiful Brackendale and 1 plots engulfed in the upper Squamish valley. We grow a diverse range of seasonal vegetables following an intensive style of cultivation. We adhere only to natural growing methods while experimenting with a diverse eray of farming methods, including biodynamic, no till, companion cropping, cover cropping, etc. Most of the work is hands on utilizing various hand and power tools, and a walk-behind tiller with numerous innovative implements - in other word our feet stay connected to the ground.


On our farm we believe "you are what you eat?" and "food matters”. We also believe that “plants are what they eat”, and the soil is a big part of their diet. In other words, we are very passionate about soil and its complex ecosystem. One of our main interest resides in how nutrients cycle through the soil, into plants and then ultimately into ourselves. As we continually learn, we are increasingly able to build a balanced and healthy soil that can create the proper platform for strong and nutrient dense crops.




Stefan holds a degree in urban geography. He is continuously amazed and interested in how the soil interacts with the plants and how that relationship affects our health.  He is a keen student of biodynamic agriculture. He loves foraging with his wife.


Lindsay is a registered holistic nutritionist who believes that many chronic illnesses can be prevented or improved through awareness of one's individual body constitution, finding root causes (mental, emotional, universal blockages) and Food! Lindsay feels best way she can educate and nourish herself, loved ones and community is by growing holistic nutrient abundant food and medicinal herbs. Lindsay's other passions include watching her children grow, canning, cooking and foraging with her husband Stefan; and of course making medicinal tea's, tinctures/ infusions!