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2024 Egg Share

Farm Fresh Egg's provided by Tracy & Dan from Stony Mountain Farm

We are our collaborating with our DEAREST FARMING FRIENDS to provide a more optional CSA for our Squamish & Mount Pleasant community.

Please click on Stony Mountain Farm to read about Tracy and Dans beautiful ranch located in BC's Cariboo Country where their animals roam and thrive

CSA Share Agreement

Before joining our CSA, we ask that our members read and commit to the following statements. This is the Farm Policy, and it is what keeps our CSA running smoothly, both for our members and the farm team.


  • I understand that I am committing to the 2024 growing and production season of Nutrient Dense Farm and Stony Mountain Farm and will respect the parameters of being a CSA shareholder.

  • I understand that the farmers will do their best to provide a season's worth of fresh produce and/or eggs.

  • I understand that I am sharing in the risks and challenges inherent to farming and those quantities and the timing of my share of the harvest may be affected by adverse weather events and/or predators.

  • I understand that Nutrient Dense Farms and Stony Mountain Farm CSA's produce is produced sustainably, locally, and ethically. 

  • I understand that it is my responsibility to pick up my share at the designated time and location.

  • I understand that email is the primary method of communication from the farm, and I agree to open and read emails from the farm.

  • I understand there will be no alternative arrangements for missed pickups. It will be my responsibility to have a family member or friend pick-up my box if I am away and to communicate my arrangement with the farm via email.

  • I understand that the success of the CSA and Nutrient Dense Farms and Stony Mountain Farm depends on my continued commitment to support the farm throughout their growing season. Due to this, I understand that no refunds will be provided for shares.






Squamish 17 weeks $153/1dozen 

Squamish 17 weeks $306/2dozen

Mount Pleasant 20 weeks $180/1 dozen

Mount Pleasant 20 weeks $360/2 dozen


Squamish 9 weeks $81/1dozen 

Squamish 9 weeks $162/2dozen

2024 Egg Share

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